Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein

Wild plants


Wild plants are plants native to the area and not bred. There are currently almost 3000 native wild plants in Germany. These include flowering perennials, grasses and ferns. Many are also referred to as weeds, such as the dandelion and are common, while others are threatened with extinction.

There are many reasons to plant wild plants in the garden. In addition to the reason that wild plants are very easy to care for, they also attract many insects and birds. In addition, some can be used as seasoning and medicinal herbs.

Here you will find a small selection of native wild plants. Let yourself be inspired.

Flowering plants::
In the plant bed are numerous plants with pretty flowers, such as the slipper orchids, but also unknown inconspicuous plants.
The planting often changes from year to year, so that a visit is always worthwhile.

You do not know about plants? Small inscription boards help. They name the German and the Latin name.


The ferns include not only the real ferns but also the horsetails.
In Central Europe there are about 100 fern species.
In the garden you will find a small selection.