Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein

Biotops with Ponds


The seemingly peaceful ponds teem with life. Some of these water creatures are exhibited also in small aquariums.
The aquatic plants provide the animals with food, shelter, spawning grounds and oxygen.

The ponds are densely overgrown with reeds, water lilies, duckweed and numerous algae and animated by fish, amphibians and numerous water-inhabiting insect species. Take a close look. In the larger ponds could also be a grass snake on frog hunt. In the smaller pools pond runners (pond skaters) run over the water surface and dragonfly nymphes hunt under water.

Leben im Teich

Not only in the water life is bustling. There is also a lot to see above the water. During the summer, dragonfly nymphes climb up the reed stakes to hatch. The empty skins hang for a long time on the stalk, while the dragonflies chase over the water for other insects. The mating and oviposition of various species of dragonfly can be observed.