Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein

Offers for groups

Are you interested in visiting the Frei­land­aqua­rium und Ter­ra­rium with a group?

On weekends and public holidays, this is possible without previous notice.

During the week you can register for a visit during school hours (from May to early August, but not in September) from tuesday to thursday on mornings. In this case we ask for a monetary contribution of 1, - Euro per person.

In the Whitsun and summer holidays there is also the possibility on some days to visit the park with groups after previous registration.
Please ask us about the dates.

Please register by phone or e-mail.
Since we are volunteers, we are only there when we expect you. Therefore we would like to ask you to cancel in time if you will not come for example because of bad weather conditions).
Unfortunately, we can not offer guided tours, but are happy to answer your questions as far as possible.

Contact via the secretariat of the NHG:
(tuesday to friday 9am to 2pm)

Naturhisto­rische Gesell­schaft, Nürn­berg e.V.
Marien­tor­graben 8
90402 Nürnberg

Phone: 0911/22 79 70

Mail: Contact