Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein


The Freiland-Aquarium- und -Terrarium of the Naturhistorische Gesellschaft Nürnberg, which emerged from the zoological section in 1907, erected a aquarium with two basins in 1911 in Nuremberg in the courtyard of the museum in the Luitpoldhaus. By 1929/30 it was expanded by the establishment of 45 aquariums and 9 terrariums to a permanent public exhibition. With the aim to build up a feed breeding for aquarium fish, a suitable area for the plant of ponds and ponds was found in the Steiner Rednitztal 1925. On the 5400 m² site, which is traversed by the hazel ditch, 9 members of the department have created about 20 small ponds, in which feeding animals for aquarium fish such as water fleas, water lice and many other small crabs and insect larvae were bred. In 1927, the facility was opened to the public for the first time and the aquariums and terrariums from the courtyard of the Nuremberg Luitpoldhaus were relocated to Stein.

Anlage 1930

Park 1926

At the beginning of the 1940s, the work came to a standstill due to flood damage and warfare. After the clean-up and necessary repairs in 1949, the park was visited by hundreds during the summer months. Despite recurring setbacks by the forces of nature, the park was further expanded in the 50s and 60s with new terrariums. Also a microbiological part was created. The annual visitor numbers increased steadily and thus in 1967 already 15,300 visitors could be counted in the park.


club hut in the 60s

Since the 1970s, the 13 to 22 volunteer members have worked tirelessly to modernize and expand the park:

New terrariums for tree frogs, smooth snakes and European pond turtles

Construction of the three large aquariums and modernization of the technical room for the aquariums

New construction of a operation building with breeding room, workshop and toilets and renewal of the club hut.

Construction of a new aquarium house with nursery room, changing room and shower room.

New construction of some terrariums

New pavement of the paths, construction of a toilet building with connection to the municipal sewer and drinking water network.

Reinforcement of the flood dam. Renewal of some livestock facilities and of the terrarium wall of the tortoises


Aquarium house new building1988-1989


Paving way 2011

To this day, we are happy to volunteer to improve our park and to keep the most endangered animals species-appropriate and to look after. The great interest of around 30,000 visitors every year is an incentive to continue to engage with the endangered nature in the future.The great interest of about 30,000 visitors per year inspire us to continue to be committed to endangered nature in the future.


and again and again - to get mud out of the ponds