Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I park?
There is no parking directly in front of the park! The last part of the way (400m from Birkenweg) is closed to public traffic and is used by many pedestrians and cyclists on the weekends. Please note our suggestions under "How to get There".

Is the park accessible for people with handicap?
Yes, as far as possible. The paths are either paved or graveled. The whole area is at ground level, except the aquarium cellar can only be reached by stairs. Unfortunately, disabled toilets are missing.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, but the dogs have to be leashed.

Is there a playground for children?
No, in the park itself there is no playground and in the interest of animals and other visitors, romping is not welcome, because some animals are stressed out and are hiding. By the way, there are public playgrounds very close.

Can we celebrate children's birthday parties in the park?
Unfortunately, no children's birthdays or other celebrations can be held here. We lack the prerequisites and such events do not fit into our concept of a largely untouched nature.

Can we have a picnic in the area?
We have some benches to rest and to eat something, but there are no tables and the lawn is not intended for picnics.

Is there a sales booth or vending machine?
No, in the area there is no possibility to buy food, drinks, ice cream or something else.

Why is the park closed from October to early may?
Our animals are cold-blooded, indigenous species that spend the winter in a dormant state.

Can a visit be made on Fridays?
No. This day is reserved for maintenance operations in the park.

Outside the opening hours there are people in the park but we are not allowed inside! Why?
This may happen, when our voluntaries are doing their jobs or we have visit from registered groups.
Please understand that we too would like to go after the work is done. That's why the park is closed.

Can groups visit the park in the afternoon?
Only in rare exceptional cases, such as press people or students, because our animals need even rest.

When is the next summer party?
The summer parties take place every three years on the first weekend of August. The next is scheduled for 2021.

How is the park financed?
The park is financed mainly with the donations from our “donation frog”. But there are also occasional donations from sponsors of the park.

What are the donations used for?
We spend the money on food, materials, cleaning products, veterinary costs and medicines. We carry out necessary repairs ourselves, as far as possible. With excess money, we can expand and beautify our facility. Our members all work as volunteers, so we have no wage costs.

Can I join as an honorary memberof the Frei­land-Aqua­rium und -Terra­rium Stein?
The park is managed on voluntary basis by members of the Natur­histori­sche Ge­sell­schaft. If you are interested in freelancing, please do not hesitate to ask one of our members. During the opening hours there are always members present. They will be happy to help you.