Freiland-Aquarium und -Terrarium Stein



In the aquarium cellar and the adjoining large aquariums you will find many other, often less well-known fish species in addition to the well-known fish species, such as pike and carp.
In the small aquariums you can observe the small creatures of our ponds up close.

In the large aquariums live pike and other larger fish, such as Sturgeon and catfish.
The pike is a hunter who lurks motionlessly on his prey and then snaps it very fast. It is therefore usually silent and motionless like a dummy in the water.


The aquarium cellar not only provides an insight into a carp pond, but also some smaller fish from the ponds and streams of our homeland are exhibited.
In addition, even small animals, such as tadpoles, water fleas or dragonfly nymphes can be considered.
Since the crab is nocturnal, its aquarium is not lit, but with a flashlight you can still discover it in its hiding place.